“rollicking stew of Elizabethan slang and demonic magic”

img_1994Prentice and Weil lead a merry chase through the Shambles, wharves and teeming alleys of a  gloriously vivid Elizabethan world of shifters and gimblets, intelligencers and coneys.

We follow  Jack as he rises through Mr Sharkwell’s ranks from a pickpocket Nipper to a Blooded Darksman.  He is fighting across London to find his mother’s murderer and can see beyond the everyday terrors of Mr Smiles and Meatface to nightmares conjured by the darker myths of London.

The two authors have a sure touch of adventure and infectious enthusiasm for the period as they serve up a rollicking stew of back street cant and Elizabethan demonic magic populated with a Dickensian cast of juicy characters.

Recommended.  This book is being relaunched with a new cover in advance of the second book in the series, Devil’s Blood, which will be published May 2016.