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Stratford upon Avon RSC David Walliams


The RSC’s Christmas show is a winner. The breezy David Walliams’ story has been given smart tailoring by the wonderful Mark Ravenhill and decorated with some great show tunes by Mr Razzle Dazzle, Robbie Williams.

The set design by RSC Associate, Robert Jones, has real wow factor: pop-up goalposts, inside out houses and a wonderland disco dance floor. The whole cast were a solid, enjoyable ensemble. Stand out cast members for me were Natasha Lewis as Darvesh’s Mum with her amazing car and Irvine Iqbal as the ever optimistic Raj. Oddbod, the farting dog, (with his puppeteer, Ben Thompson) threatened to steal the show on occasion. We were lucky enough to see a performance with Jackson Laing playing Dennis who has a beautiful voice and great stage presence.

Highly recommended.

PS When they’ve finished with the glitter bauble costume – can I have it?

The Boy in a Dress is at the RSC, Stratford Upon Avon until 8 March 2020. (Running time: 2 hrs + 20 mins interval). They are offering up to 4 under 18s half price with every full price paying adult. Further details can be found on their website here.

Image : RSC / HarperCollins